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About Us

CoinVet, Inc. Founded on October 2008 in the city of Miami, USA. It is conformed and operates with professionals with a high experience of more than 20 years in the livestock sector in the different markets of Latin America. It is dedicated to the development of representations of Company leaders at worldwide level in the elaboration and provision of raw materials, ingredients, additives, and products for the nutrition and animal health.
CoinVet, Inc. focuses on business development at a regional level, working closely with suppliers known for their quality and innovation of its products, which have scientific support; continuous research and providing technical staff with technical service to end users, in order to bring these products to markets that contribute a positive impact and increases the productivity and profitability of livestock operations, and to our clients.

CoinVet, Inc. focuses and works with suppliers and clients dedicated to the production of origin animal protein, as well as in the areas related to the nutrition and animal health of the different species, contributing efficiently and with total involvement in the production process. We are an important part within the food production chain, providing quality products to the primary sector of production, supporting this way the producers and their consumers in their daily challenge to produce a high quality, safe and healthy product for them and their families.

CoinVet, Inc. in harmony with environmental care has developed B-MAGIC, a bacteria/ enzyme and botanical product that fortifies and develops the destructive existing bacteria of organic matter, making them more effective in hostile conditions, acting as nutrient and stimulating their development for the consumption of organic solids generators of bad odors.

The values of CoinVet, Inc. that guide ours actions towards the clients, suppliers, and all the ones that participate in the industry are Honesty, Commitment, Quality, Fairness, Involvement and Passion for the Industry in which we are partners of our clients.